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P r o u d  O f  O u r  D a n i s h  H e r i t a g e

1. The Danish monarchy stretches back more than 1,000 years, to King Gorm the old, the first King of the Danes. The present Queen Margrethe the Second, can trace her ancestry clear back to King Gorm the old and Queen Tyhre.

2. The Danish Flag, a white cross on a blood-red background, is the oldest Flag in the world, first flown at the battle at Riga June 15 in 1219.Today celebrated in Denmark as Valdemars Dag. If you want to know more try

3. King Knud the Great, and later his son, ruled most of Scandinavia and Northern Germany to the Elbe River, Normandy in France and most of England, for a hundred years, hence our system of having your case heard in court by a judge only, traces its roots to the "Dane Law", introduced in England during the reign of the Danes.

4. Space Explorer, Tycho Brache, Astronomer (1546-1601) was a Dane. He and Copernius in Poland were the first to realize that he sun did not rotate around the earth but rather the Earth rotated around its own axis and in turn circled the sun.

5. Ole Roemer (1644-1710) discovered the "Speed of Light".

6. Hans Christian Oersted (1777-1851) discovered Electromagnetism, enabling us to have electric motors and numerous other devices utilizing Electromagnetism.

7. Arctic Explorer Hans Egede, bought Christianity to Greenland, and Karl Monk held the first Lutheran Service on the North American Continent in the Hudson Bay area.

8. Arctic Explorer Knud Rasmussen traversed the Arctic Region and Greenland around the turn of the last century.Vitus Bering a Dane in the emply of the Russians found the strait called after him.

9. Niels Bohr Physicist was smuggled out of Denmark under the nose of the Germans, during the Second World War, to help the American Manhattan team develop the Atom Bomb, which hastened the end of the Second World War.

10. Religions: Theologians and Reformers? If you are a Theologian you most definitely know Soren Kirkegaad. Soren was about a hundred years ahead of the rest of the world in his thinking. If you are familiar with Church Hymns, you will also know Nicholai S. F. Gruntvig, who was a church reformer and one of the "Happy Danes". During the Second Word War, Denmark had her own ""Muellenberg". Americans will remember the famous words, "there is a time to pray and there is a time to fight", as this famous American shed his priestly robes and stood before his Congregation in the uniform of a Colonel, in the Revolutionary Army. Denmark's Muellenberg was "Kaj Munk" Playwright Poet, and martyred by the Germans for his outspokenness, against the German atrocities toward humanity, from the Pulpit of his Lutheran Church in Western Jutland.

11. Among the well known musicians and Composers of the world, Denmark’s Carl Nielsen, Neils Gade and H. C. Lumbye all of which we now know a lot more, because of Dr. Lammers talk on Scandinavian Composers.

12. Authors and Poets? Who does not know about Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales? Who has not heard about Karen Blixen, who among other books wrote "Out of Africa". Another well-read author is Hans Kirk that among other books wrote "The Fishermen" Piet Hein Poet of more resent times.

13. Sculpture? How about Bertel Thorvaldsen? Denmark was able to buy all his work and it is stored in a museum in the heart of Copenhagen. The President monument carved out of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota did you know that Gutzon Borglum was a Dane?

14. From the "Danish Golden Age", Denmark produced a number of noted Painters; nearly all their work is hanging in the National Museum in Copenhagen. Jens Juel 1745-1802- Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg 1783-1853- Johan Frederik Nicholai Vermehren 1823-1910 –Sally Henriques 1815-1886

15. Danish Nobel Prize Winners...In MEDICINE 1903, Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen 1920, Dr. Schack August Steenberger Krogh 1926, Dr. Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger 1984, Dr. Niels K Jerne. LITERATURE 1902, Christian Matthias Teodor Mommsen 1917, Karl Adolph Gjellerup 1917, Henrik Pontappidan 1928, Sigrid Undset 1944, Johannes Vilhelm JensenThe NOBEL PEACE PRIZE was won several times by Danes. 1908, Frederik Bajer 1981, Poul Hartling 1999, Doctors Without Borders (A group of Danish Doctors) PHYSICS 1922, Niels Bohr 1975, Aage Bohr (Niels Bohr's son, winner of the same award in 1922) 1975, Ben Mottelson CHEMISTRY 1997, Jens Schou

16. A famous Dane in Entertainment was Lauritz Melchoir, Opera Singer with the Metropolitan Opera. Another Dane well known by all Americans is Victor Borge "The Clown Prince of Denmark" who died December 23, 2000 at the age of 91. Or more recently Lars Von Trier International known Film director. Or of more resent times Lars Ulrich and King Diamond Musician.

17. Electronics? If you are a connoisseur of purity in sound, you will want Jensen Speakers and Audio Equipment, available due to efforts of another famous Dane, Peter Laurits Jensen, (1886-1961.This Danish Inventor, was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the world's largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas on January 6-7, 2001, because he together with a colleague, invented the world's first loudspeaker, which they called "The Big Voice". The Big Voice was tested in public for the first time in 1915. Among others in that Hall of Fame is Canadian Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, and Jensen's own mentor Valdemar Poulsen, who invented the arc transmitter.

18. Famous Danish Companies? 77% of all cement making equipment, used all over the world is made by "F. L. Smidt Company", a Danish company. 80% of all windmill driven generators “Vestas” in the world is of Danish manufacturers. 78% of all the worlds’ hearing aids are produced in Denmark. How about George Jensen Silver, Bing and Groendal/ Royal Copenhagen Porcelain.

19. LEGO Blocks? You, your children, your grandchildren and perhaps even your great-grandchildren, have played with this Danish imaginative toy. LEGO Blocks were invented in Denmark and are sold all over the world. Recently LEGO and Microsoft have joined together in an effort to bring even more enjoyment to the world through this famous Danish toy.

20. Did you know that the American Army used a Danish Rifle before the Turn of the last century, in the Spanish American War, the famous Kragh- Jorgensen Rifle. It is proudly displayed in the Army Museum in Fort Benning Georgia

21. War Heroes? During World War II, a Dane by the name of Bunkie Knudsen Recipient of the Congressional Medal of honor, spear headed the massive American Armament, that led to the demise of such dictators as Hitler, Mussolini and later the collapse of the Communist Soviet Union. An untold number of Danes risked their lives to save nearly all the Danes of the Jewish faith, when Hr. Eickman was send to Denmark for the final Jewish solution.

22. Computers? Jakob Nielsen and Peter Toft, of more recent times together with Rasmus Lerdorf, Per Abramsen and Bjarne Stroustrup world acclaimed Computer Scientists.

23. Sport? Paul Elvstrom von more gold medals in Sailing than any other Olympian, more resent times Bjarne Riis Race cyclist, and Harold Nielsen and even more resently Ebbe Sand, Allan Nielsen and Peter Schmeichel, Soccer Players of world class.Peter Gade and Camilla Martin, Badminton and Thomas Bjorn in Golf.

We would like to thank the Arizona Rebild Chaper and Curt Pedersen for allowing us to re-print this article.