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What is Rebild?
Welcome to this site that represents The Utah Chapter of the most prestigious Danish/American organization in the U.S. Members of Rebild seek to strengthen cultural ties and friendships between the two countries, to commemorate the Danish emigration to the United States, and befriend and assist all Danes and friends of Denmark within our State.

Rebild is the name of a small Danish village in Northern Jylland. In 1911, 200 acres of beautiful, hilly land was bought with funds raised by Danish Americans under the leadership of Dr. Max Henius, a Dane who lived in Chicago. In 1912 Max Henius presented the deed to the land to his Majesty King Christian X as a permanent memorial to Danish Americans. Later the Danish government added to the land that now features a beautiful natural Park, wherein Danes and Americans yearly commemorate the 4th of July, thus making Denmark the only country outside of the United States to publicly celebrate the American Independence day.

Why join Rebild?
Individuals, firms and organization with Danish roots find great satisfaction in supporting the local and National Rebild objectives. Members meet on several occasions during the year to connect with their heritage, to learn more about today’s Denmark, to socialize and have fun and to lend their support to worthwhile projects that will strengthen the bond between the two countries.

We invite you to be part of this elite Danish/American group, and to make others aware of this web-site, wherein you will find continually updated information about Denmark, Scandinavian activities in the area, Rebild functions, The Salt Lake Danish Club functions, prominent Danes visiting our area, Cultural events, University lectures and much more.

For more information about how to become a member click here.

We will gladly post any idea or event that fit this web-site. Submit proposals to:

Pia Ringheim Jensen

President Utah Chapter